How can you limit large losses on your stock market money?

Risk Management: How can you protect your stock market money from large losses? I’m Steve Shyman, at Wilsave, we ar Specialists in Safer Money Strategies. Let’s Understand how you can Protect your stock market money from large losses.
Most people like to have money in the market to get the bigger returns.

The problem we all face is the danger when markets fall. Diversification as we have been taught doesn’t help us from losing big in past crashes. It didn’t help in 2000, It didn’t help in 2008 and
It won’t help next time the market crashes either. So, what does can you do?
Modern methods using technology can help you limit large losses over full market cycles.
These methods are different from what you know and what you have heard about.

Occasionally you may hear about them on CNBC and possibly from some brokers.

Yet they have been used  by high net worth people since the late 90s.

These strategies are now available to almost any investor.
If you want the higher returns the market can produce, but


NO LONGER CAN AFFORD the big losses,

Pay attention.
The internet has let us connect to and track financial markets like never before.
This information can be used to your advantage.

Modern money management methods use software programs to analyze the markets and actively identify risk and adjust your portfolio.
These methods can help you get the respectable stock market returns you want with less risk.

Best of all,
You DON’T have to keep on top of it,
It can all be done for you.
This simplifies
getting the positive compounding returns you need and
avoiding the large inevitable losses.

These strategies have been proven successful since the late 90s, even in the most adverse market conditions.
Since the late 90s, boutique money managers have helped high net worth people control risk and minimize downside losses in the market.

They employ technology and rules based strategies to identify and take advantage of trends to react to adverse market conditions to minimize losses.

They also follow the positive trends to make money when markets do well.
Their programs don’t pick individual stocks, they don’t do market timing or day trading.

These strategies are designed to help you reach financial your goals with:
Fewer and smaller bumps in the road
Lower fees
Less worry and stress

Previously available only to a select few, now this kind of risk management is available to everyday average investors.
You no longer have to “buy and hope” if you want to be in the market. Now you can have active protection against big losses.

Imagine where you would be today if in 2000 and 2008 instead of

losing big when the markets fell,
You had risk management in place and your losses were limited.

It’s safe to say that you’d probably way ahead of where you are today.

And you would have had a much smoother ride getting here!
Our partner firm has been helping clients like this since 2006

They enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

They now have over $1.5 Billion under management.

These strategies can help you protect your market money from the next downturn.

These risk managed models combine

With a degree of safety not previously available to most in the stock market.

With all the volatility that the internet and the world we live in can create, risk managed models may be the perfect solution for you.

If you want active protection against the next market drowns, yet want to participate in market ups, now is the time to act on this.
The market is more volatile than ever.
Here is a graph of the S&P
A smooth uptrend from 1980
And then wild swings since 2000.
This volatility, is
“The new normal”
These swings can be dangerous to your wealth.
Protection from these large swings to avoid large losses is important for your financial security and you can have it.
The landscape has changed over the last 40 years. To keep up and do well, you must be able to adapt your investment style to what is going on today.
To see how you can grow your money and limit your losses
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