Risk Management for your Stock Portfolio, Understanding the need to change the way you think about investing and why


I’m Steve Shyman, at Wilsave, we are Specialists in Safer Money Strategies. We feel that the conventional wisdom on how you should best invest and think about investing is old and outdated. This quick video is about Understanding the need to change the way we think about investing and why. We will talk about Risk Management.

Most of us believe that buy and hold is still the best investment strategy.

Lets cover

why we think that way,

why it may be out dated and

what a better option might be going forward.

We don’t use high end graphics, so please excuse us.

We do communicate complicated ideas with simplicity to help people understand, empowering them to make better decisions. Our clients find that maybe for the first time ever, they understand what they do with their financial plans and why.

If results oriented, straight talk is what you want for your financial plan, we invite you to set an appointment with us.

For now, let’s simply look at why we all need to change the way we think about investing:

….You will need to look at the chart here….

How can you invest in the “Risk Management Era?”

At Wilsave, we use “Risk Managed Models” to build an “All Weather Portfolio” for our clients.

These models are ran by professional managers who use technology so they can react to volatility to limit losses in down markets

When you lose less when markets drop, you can make more as they recover.

The end result is designed to get what many investors want, reasonable returns over full market cycles with less risk.

Managers don’t pick the next hot stock or decide to dump one that becomes out of favor. Their decisions are not based on hunches or emotions. Each decision is based on technical indicators and must follow the predefined rules of the strategy.

Technical indicators dictate when to get in, when to get out and where to invest.

This takes emotion out of the equation and provides assumptions of how your money will perform in a variety of market conditions.

Each manager has a different style.

At Wilsave, instead of diversifying stocks and asset classes, we diversify among different managers all with different ‘risk adverse’ styles.

For example, some managers will go to cash when the market shows weakness, others will look around the globe for areas of strength. Still others will implement hedging techniques that help protect your underlying investments in market downs and have the potential to help grow your portfolio as the markets recover.

Blending these different styles together, builds an investment portfolio looking to lessen risk, lower losses and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

This creates an “All Weather Portfolio” which is designed to get what many investors wants:

Reasonable returns over a full market cycle with less risk.

I hope you see how the investment landscape has changed over the last 40 years. I hope you see that to keep up and do well, you must be able to adapt your investment style to what is going on today.

To see how an “All Weather Portfolio” would work for you,

Please contact us at 312-953-2097, send me an email at steve@wilsave.com, or fill out the meeting request form at www.wilsave.com

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